Dental Extractions

As careful as we are with our teeth, sometimes dental treatment, beyond preventative care, is necessary.  There are some cases where you may need dental extractions, but when? As desirable as it is to save teeth, cases where teeth need to be removed do happen. It may be the only option if you aren’t able to fix it with normal treatments like a filling or crown. 


Sometimes if your teeth don’t have enough support from the bone, a diseased tooth may need to be removed. Other teeth in the area of issues like infections may also need to be extracted if they don’t respond to the typical treatments. Another common dental extraction procedure is done on wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of issues and a big majority of people suffer from overcrowding.  Wisdom teeth can impact the teeth you currently have, or are simply growing into the mouth in the wrong direction and don’t have enough space to get into the place they need to. 


When extracting a tooth, we like to refer to this procedure with our little patients as wiggling or pushing on the tooth.  We use sleepy juice to numb the tooth and surrounding area.  Patients typically don’t feel pain, however they do generally feel some pressure and may even hear some crackling sounds.  If you do feel any pain however make sure to let your dentist know immediately as you may need more anesthesia so that they can address the issue.


Simple extractions are typically an easy and uncomplicated procedure.