Restorative Dentistry in Lehi, UT

Life is always better when we can go out into the world, knowing that we can wear a beautiful smile. Alas, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, people find that their teeth have been crooked and that they no longer have a picture-perfect smile. If that’s the case, then it’s important to remember that there are always things that you can do to make your teeth straight again. Here at Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Lehi, UT, we offer two different restorative dental procedures that will have your teeth looking beautifully straight again, and they’ll also be healthier when you leave, too. 


Dental crownscrown placement


Dental crowns are one of the most popular dental procedures. They’re a ‘cap’ that is placed over the tooth that helps to restore the tooth back to its normal look. So if you have a cracked or chipped tooth, then you could simply stick a crown on top of it, and the issue would go away! There are several reasons why you may want to get a crown, including the one we’ve just mentioned. The others include if you’ve had root canal treatment, since the crown will also function as a way to protect the tooth. You may also get a crown if your tooth is discolored — a crown will cover it. Overall, dental crowns are an easy and effective way to boost your smile. 


Dental Fillings


If you have a damaged tooth, then you may choose to get dental fillings. These are used to bring damaged teeth back to their former glory. If you’re experiencing tooth decay, then a filling can help to protect and strengthen the tooth. They’re also recommended for people who have broken teeth, or if the teeth have become worn out. There are multiple different types of fillings available; while the procedure more or less remains the same, the material that is “filled” into the tooth can vary. We’ll work with you to ensure that you get the filling that best suits your specific needs. 


The benefits of treatment


There are many benefits that can come from fixing your teeth. Indeed, it’s one of those things that virtually nobody regrets doing! The biggest benefit is that you’ll have renewed confidence. It’s always nice being able to flash your smile knowing that your teeth look amazing! They can also be used to strengthen teeth, which means you’ll be able to eat harder foods without wondering what damage you may cause to your injured tooth. As well as improving your appearance and functionality, they’ll also allow you to maintain general mouth health, too. 


If you’re going to work with a company that offers restorative dentistry in Lehi, UT, then be sure to work with the best. At Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry, you can rest assured that you’ll receive professional and welcoming care. If you have any questions about the treatments that we offer or simply want to know more, then be sure to get in touch. We’ll be able to help you to decide which treatment will be the most appropriate for your needs.