Emergency Dentist in Lehi, UT

What is an Emergency Dentist?

Most people are familiar with the routine of going to a dentist for a check up, a polish, or some minimal dental work like fillings; but sometimes, we may require an emergency dentist in Lehi, UT at short notice. This might be due to pain, swelling, or a recent injury that requires immediate attention, and one that can be found in Lehi, Utah. 

Unlike general practitioners, emergency dentists are available to treat your dental conditions as soon as possible. Whether you need an emergency tooth extraction for pain relief or an exam to evaluate an injury, an emergency dentist in Lehi, Utah, will be on hand 24/7 to help you out.



When do you Need one?

There’s never a good time to get tooth pain, swelling, or broken teeth due to a sporting injury. Sometimes the unexpected happens and all you can do is wait it out or search for emergency assistance. That’s what emergency dentists are for, they give you the help you need as soon as possible. 

When you contact an emergency dentist in Lehi you need to describe the condition clearly and accurately. For instance, you might contact an emergency dentist service in Lehi, Utah if you experience swelling in your gums that spreads to your cheek or face. You might also contact them if you experience excruciating pain in your mouth for any reason. 

Before contacting your emergency dental service it makes sense to decide first on the nature of the emergency. Can you persevere with the pain until opening hours or is it urgent you have treatment right away. If you can’t control the bleeding or pain conventionally, it may be time to take emergency action.


Other Reasons for Contacting an Emergency Dentist

Emergencies caused by injury or illness may not be the only reason for contacting an emergency dentist. There are other reasons, especially for people who have a phobia of attending the dentist. If you don’t go for regular check ups at the dentist it could lead to underlying problems. 

Neglecting your teeth because of a phobia or aversion to the dentist can cause underlying tooth decay that doesn’t get spotted until it’s too far gone. You may experience pain in your teeth or gums, maybe even bleeding, that could be prevented with regular check ups. 

In most cases tooth decay is easily treated with a dental filling, however, if neglected the decay will work its way into your tooth and become an abscess. This abscess will create sudden intolerable pain that must be attended to immediately. The only way to do this is through an emergency dentist in Lehi, Utah.


Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry

Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Lehi, Utah, provides dental surgery for children. They are interested in making children’s dental experience as accessible and positive as they can to avoid the need for dental emergencies in the future. To contact them, visit https://dcpdsmiles.wpengine.com/ and book a consultation.