Sedation Dentistry in Lehi, UT

Sedation dentistry is designed for those who have particular fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. It’s about making a visit to the dentist more comfortable. The reason it’s called sedation dentistry is that the patient is sedated for certain types or amounts of procedures necessary. The level of sedation varies based on weight. There are several benefits to sedation dentistry. Here is an overview of the different types and advantages of sedation dentistry in Lehi, UT.

The types of sedation dentistry

child getting sedated for a dental procedure
Nitrous Oxide
Some children are given nitrous oxide/oxygen, or what you may know as laughing gas, to relax them for their dental treatment. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a blend of two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is given through a small breathing mask which is placed over the child’s nose, allowing them to relax, but without putting them to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recognizes this technique as a very safe, effective technique to use for treating children’s dental needs. The gas is mild, easily taken, then with normal breathing, it is quickly eliminated from the body. It is non-addictive. While inhaling nitrous oxide/oxygen, your child remains fully conscious and keeps all natural reflexes.
Conscious Sedation
Conscious Sedation is recommended for apprehensive children, very young children, and children with special needs. It is used to calm your child and to reduce the anxiety or discomfort associated with dental treatments. Your child may be quite drowsy, and may even fall asleep, but they will not become unconscious.

There are a variety of different medications, which can be used for conscious sedation. The doctor will prescribe the medication best suited for your child’s overall health and dental treatment recommendations. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have concerning the specific drugs we plan to give to your child.
General Anesthesia
Outpatient General Anesthesia is recommended for apprehensive children, very young children, and children with special needs that would not work well under conscious sedation or I.V. sedation. General anesthesia renders your child completely asleep. This would be the same as if he/she was having their tonsils removed, ear tubes placed, or hernia repaired. This is performed in office by certified nurse anesthetists and provide a setting where full mouth treatment can be performed in one appointment.

The benefits of sedation dentistry

There are many benefits of sedation dentistry. It allows many patients to control their nerves and help them relax. It’s also beneficial to those who get uncomfortable sitting still for long periods of time. It’s a better alternative for those who have trouble getting numb or recovering from anesthesia. Safe and comfortable sedation dentistry can help your anxious or uneasy child get through dental procedures with added comfort.

When would you need sedation dentistry?

If you find your child experiences anxiety frequently when going to the dentist, they might benefit from sedation dentistry for certain procedures.
If you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry in Lehi, Utah, get in touch today.
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