What are Fillings

Over time your teeth become worn and are subject to decay. You may experience more or less decay depending on what you consume and how you take care of your teeth. If a cavity forms on one of your back teeth that most common solution is a dental filling from your local dentist in Lehi, Utah.

A dental filling is usually a white filling made of composite, resin materials. These types of fillings are hard-wearing and last for many years. 

Fillings are available in several types. There are composite tooth-colored fillings made of resin or glass, and glass ionomer fillings made of powdered glass. Your dentist will advise you on the best filling for your needs. 



When Would you Need Them

If you feel pain or sensitivity in your tooth it could be a sign you have some decay and need a filling. The decay is caused by food becoming lodged or brushing and flossing habits. When you feel sensitivity the tooth is in need of evaluation and you can contact your dentist in Lehi, Utah, immediately. 

You may also need a filling if your tooth is broken. In this case your dentist will probably offer a white filling made of resin that can mimic your tooth’s natural shape and restore its appearance. In the case of broken teeth at the back, a crown may be a better option.


The Process of Getting Fillings

On your initial visit to the dentist in Lehi, Utah, they will examine your mouth and pay close attention to the affected area. They are looking for signs of cavity, cracks, and discoloration. This visual examination is usually enough to determine whether you need a filling.

Your dentist may also use a probing pick or x-ray to determine the nature of the deterioration. Different types of decay will manifest in different ways. The examination will help your dentist decide if a filling is appropriate or if a different procedure, like root canal treatment, is needed. 

In the case of small areas of decay a remineralization plan could be recommended, this involves maintenance and diet and added doses of topical fluoride, known as SDF or Silver Diamine Fluoride. For larger areas of decay you will typically need a filling or crown.


Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry

Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Lehi, Utah, provides dental surgery for children. They are interested in making children’s dental experience as accessible and positive as they can to avoid the need for dental emergencies in the future. To contact them, visit and book a consultation.